Product Description: BioBased Cleaner Degreaser Lubricant

Available Sizes: 1 Gallon

Applications: Parts cleaner, cables to inhibit rust, to lubricate when drilling, any metal surface requiring a lubricant, degreaser, metal conditioner, surface protector, cleaner, penetrating oil, help extend seal life, thread lubricant/protector.

Advantages: Cleans, conditions, bio-based ingredients, decrease friction and lowers heat where applied, excellent penetrating properties, non-flammable, non-toxic.

Material Compatibility: Recommended for ferrous and nonferrous metals including titanium.

Health and Safety: Wear eye/face protection. Use proper safety equipment. Refer to (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheet for complete information on health and safety.


WearGone CDL is powered by propietary WearGone technology. WearGone CDL is the first true bio-based cleaner, degreaser, and lubricant in one. CDL does it all while conditioning the metal.

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