Product Description: BioBased Metal Conditioning Concentrate

Available Sizes: 1 Gallon

Applications: Any and all mechanical moving parts that lubrication is used to reduce friction within the application. Gear Boxes, Hydraulic Units, Combustion Engines, and all wet bath application that are oiled to reduce heat and wear.

Advantages: Simply by base lining before and after the addition of WearGone FR-1 at the recommended ratios the advantages will appear clear. Increased longevity of lubricated equipment, lower amperage to operate equipment, and tripling the life span of all currently used oils. The advantages present returns on investments far beyond any other friction reducer ever marketed.

Material Compatibility: Recommended for ferrous and nonferrous metals including titanium.

Application Ratios: Typical treatment 2oz. per quart. WearGone FR-1 is compatible with both conventional and synthetic oils.
WearGone FR-1 should not be used in any WET CLUTCH applications or automatic transmissions.

Health and Safety: Use proper safety equipment. Refer to (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheet for complete information on health and safety.


WearGone FR-1 Concentrate utilizes a proprietary metal conditioning formulation that reduces friction by microscopically changing the thermodynamics and crystallization of the two rubbing metallic surfaces. By doing so this unique innovation changes the metal surface making it difficult for the friction point to return to it's original state.

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