Product Description: Lithium Based Grease infused with WearGone Technology

Available Sizes: 14 oz

Applications: WearGone Lithium Grease is for any and all greasing operations performed on mechanical equipment. Bearings of all types as well as all applications where metal to metal contact is consistent.

Advantages: By utilizing the WearGone Lithium Grease throughout your entire operations, greasing intervals will be drastically reduced while allowing component/equipment life to have greater longevity. Also amperage is drastically reduced resulting in energy savings.

Reduces coefficient of friction, reduces operating temperatures, impedes corrosion, increases seal life by lubricating Elastomers.

Material Compatibility: Recommended for ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Health and Safety: Wear eye protection/face protection. Causes serious eye irritation. Refer to (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheet information on health and safety.


WearGone Lithium NLGI 2 is a lithium-based grease that is infused with WearGone FR-1 proprietary technology. Specifically developed and designed for all metals including yellow metals. The infused proprietary technology presents friction reductions and sustainability that no other grease marketed presents.

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