Making Tough Jobs Easier

To All Auto Technicians and Do it Yourself Mechanics

My name is Zach, I have been an automotive technician for one of the premier dealers for a few years. I have been using the WearGone CDL for a few weeks and the results have been amazing. This product has made some of the tough jobs as an automotive technician much easier. For example, before when a vehicle came in and needed the exhaust temperature sensor removed it was a toss-up whether it would come out clean or break. This was due to the rust and corrosion that builds up. Since I started spraying them with WearGone CDL not one has broken. I just spray the sensors threads let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour and it comes out like magic.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to remove difficult is rusted exhaust bolts and brackets, now these are no longer an issue. Replacing u joints used to be an issue since they were always rusted and seized, especially on the older vehicles. Now a quick spray with WearGone CDL while still on the vehicle and by the time I get the drive shaft out and on the bench a quick tap and out they come.

WearGone CDL has made what were at one time stressful jobs, no longer an issue. WearGone CDL is like one of my prized tools, so at the end of the day my CDL gets locked up with the rest of my tools.


Zach, Automotive Technician

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